Titolo Autore Editore Prezzo Area Argomento
100 sayings of Confucio.Wangdao Ding tranl.n.d. 10,00 CinaLetteratura
7000 anni di Cina. Arte e archeologia cinese dal neolitico alla dinastia degli Han.AA. VV.Silvana Editoriale 15,00 CinaArte
A Cavalier in China.Wingate A W SGaryson & Grayson 25,00 CinaViaggi
A collection of best artistic works: Coins.n.d.n.d. 13,00 CinaArte
A collection of best artistic works: dress adornments.n.d. 13,00 CinaArti minori
A collection of best artistic works: Masksn.d.n.d. 13,00 CinaArte
A concise English-chinese dictionary.Chang E. M. e Shirley MaxwellThe Marcel Rodd Co 15,00 CinaDizionari
A dictionary of Chinese Buddhist terms.Soothill William Edward & Hodus LewisMotilal Banarsidass 20,00 CinaReligione
A dream of red Mansion.Tao Hsueh-Chin e Kao NgoForeign Language Press 20,00 CinaLetteratura
A history of Hong Kong. Second ed.Endacott G.B.Oxford in Asia paperbacks 18,00 CinaStoria
A journey through the Chinese Empire.Huc M.Harper & Brothers 120,00 CinaViaggi
A L’ouest Barbare de la vaste Chine. 4e milleDavid-Neel AlexandraPlon 30,00 CinaViaggi
A Leaf in the storm a novel of war-swept China.Yutang LinThe John Day Company 15,00 CinaLetteratura
A Legacy of the Ming.Ceramic finds from the site of the Ming Palace in Nanjing.Huo Hua e altriThe Chinese University of Hong Kong 40,00 CinaCeramica
A Mandsu Nyelv AlaktanaJozsef BudenzKorosi Csoma Tarsasag 13,00 CinaAltri
A Pronouncing Dictionary of Chinese Characters in Archaic & Ancient Chinese Mandarin & CantoneseChou Fa-Kao chief editorThe Chinese University Press 38,00 CinaLinguistica
A short history of China from earliest times to 1840.Tung Chi-MingForeign Language Press 10,00 CinaStoria
A Special Exibition of Tapestry.AA. VV.Cinese 20,00 CinaTessuti
A Taoist Classic: Chuang-Tzu.Fung Yu-LanForeign Language Press 10,00 CinaReligione
A visit to Confucius’ home town.Xiqin CaiNew World Press 10,00 CinaStoria
Aesculape dans la Chine en révolte.Gervais AlbertGallimard 15,00 CinaStoria
Agonia della Cina.Calzini RaffaeleMondadori 20,00 CinaViaggi
Agonia della Cina. RilCalzini RaffaeleMondadori 20,00 CinaViaggi
All about Shanghai: a standard guidebook. Whith an introduction by H.J. Lethbridge.Lethbridge H.J. (Introd.)Oxford University Press 15,00 CinaGuide
Altes und neues China vom glanz und shatten seiner kultur.Beckmann Johannes e Gebhard FreiRaber & Cie 10,00 CinaEtnologia
America e Cina.Hsin-hai ChanFeltrinelli Editore 10,00 CinaStoria
An Historical account of the Embassy to the Emperor of China undertaken by order of the King of Great Britain, including the manners and customs of the inhabitants ..abridged principally from the papers of Earl Macartney and compiled by Sir George StStaunton Sir GeorgeJohn Stockdale Piccadilly 600,00 CinaViaggi
An introduction to Mandarin: By J.S. WhitewrightWhitewright J.S.Theodore Leslie 15,00 CinaLinguistica
Analects of Confucius.AA. VV.Sinolingua 11,00 CinaReligione
Analects of Confucius.AA. VV.Sinolingua 11,00 CinaReligione