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The catalogue offers a selection of 8000 books dedicated to art, culture and philosophy of Asian Countries, with some attention to explorations and journeys.

t’s the result of a choice reached through reads and researches of many years, and it’s the opportunity of finding very rare works.

They come from publishers, private collections, shut libraries, and international auctions. This means they can be new or secondhand.

In order to simplify your choice, we gave you the opportunity to select the books by area, by title, by author, and by topics.

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Titolo Autore Editore Prezzo Area Argomento
“Did a chinamen discover America”? Together with “The travels of Benjamin of Tudela” in Bulletin of Geographical Society of California1894. 30,00
“Il Seudan di Bari” ovvero Il Sultano di Bari. 15,00
“La concezione tantrica della vita” di E Guenther e “Tantra art”. 25,00
“Uod Baracà” (figli selvaggi) ed altre storie di bestie selvagge dell’Eritrea. 35,00
“Har či gūyad dīdah gūyad”, ahammiyat-i ši‘r-i ḥakīmānah-i Iqbāl az dīdahgāh naẓariah-e sunnatī ši‘r (“Ciò che potrei dire e vedere” importanza della poesia sapienziale di Iqbāl dal punto di vista speculativo della poesia sunnita) 15,00
1) Le religioni non cristiane e 2) La religione cristiana (L), 10,00
100 sayings of Confucio. 10,00
100 years of archeological research in Lumbini, Kapilavastu and Devadaha. 45,00
101 storie Zen 15,00
108 names of Shiva. 5,00
1857 in India: mutiny or war of indipendence?. 15,00
19th century British expansion on the Indo-Tibetan frontier: a forward perspective. 10,00
20.000 rupie di taglia. 18,00
30 anni di Samurai 1976 – 1985. 15,00
30 Heritage buildings of Yangon. Inside the cit that captured time. 28,00
50 anni di Leica. 5,00
50 libri giapponesi di motivi decorativi per le arti applicate. 10,00
5000 Years of Art in Pakistan. An Exhibition sponsored by the German Arts Council. 20,00
5000 Years of Corean art. 25,00
5000 years of Korean art. 20,00
7000 anni di arte Iranica. 20,00
7000 anni di Cina. Arte e archeologia cinese dal neolitico alla dinastia degli Han. 15,00
A Bonpo painting of Protector deities. 18,00
A bridge across two cultures: Ippolito Desideri S.J.(1684-1733) A brief biography. 15,00
A Buddhist guide to the power places of Kathmandu valley. 10,00
A burden of flowers. 20,00
A caccia in Paradiso 36,00
A catalogue of arms and armours in Bharat Kala Bhavan. 15,00
A Cavalier in China. 25,00
A CE LHA MO. Studio sulle forme della tetralità Tibetana. 30,00